Flamborough Head

Flamborough Lighthouse

Flamborough Lighthouse

Built in 1806 by John Matson


Flamborough Lighthouse tours are currently paused.

The lighthouse is located on Flamborough Head, which offers breathtaking views over Bridlington Bay and the Heritage Coast by climbing the 119 stairs to the top of the building.

Guided tours are available throughout the summer season and provide useful and interesting information about how and why the lighthouse operates.

Opening times are available on the Trinity House website

Read more about the Flamborough lighthouses, old and new, here.

Geological Features of Flamborough Head

Close to Flamborough Lighthouse, there are fine examples of the formation of geological features by cliff erosion.

The first stage is the formation of gullies where the cliff is weakest, leaving spurs where the rock is more durable. Sometimes the gullies continue as caves at the rear, and if the roof of the cave falls in, it can form a blow-hole where spray can shoot out in bad weather. (the example given below was once a blow-hole, but has now collapsed much more and is just a large crater.)

More often, caves form in the side of the spurs. These caves soon break through to form arches. Finally, the top of the arch falls, leaving a stack.

The photos are from Selwicks Bay and High Stacks, both at Flamborough Head

The process is illustrated below
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